Humble Thyself! – 1963-07-14 e

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Let not that spirit ever depart from this place! If it ever does, then I don’t care how eloquent your pastor might be, how well he might bring the Word of God, the Spirit of God is grieved away. See? When we can have all things in fellowship, in common, and love one another, then God will work with us.
And we’re keeping time, that the people come by and say, “If you want to see a church that’s really humble, a church that really loves God, drop in up there at that tabernacle one time and watch them. Look at the care they have for one another, the respect; when the Gospel is being preached, how reverent, how everything is just in order.” Yes, then they can look and see what time we’re living. You’ll see the Spirit of God moving among you, great signs and wonders and things will be taking place.

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