How Can I Overcome? – 63-0825M

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The thing you have to overcome is yourself, your idea, your thing, and surrender yourself to Him. He overcome for you. He knows the way; we don’t.
Now look, friends. I believe they’re taping this. Whatever you do, who is listening now, or who will listen hereafter, the hour is very late, and you do have good intention, but be caught inside. Now, don’t struggle. “Not him that willeth, or him that runneth, but God.” Just let God. Just yield yourself to Him and walk on, with a perfect, satisfied faith, that, “What God has promised He is able to perform.” Not joining one denomination, another denomination, running this, that, or the other, trying this. Just yield yourself to God, and walk with Him, peaceful, quiet, not interrupted. Just keep on walking with Him. That’s right.

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