God’s Chosen Place Of Worship – 65-0220

Notice, it was the only place death could not strike. When death was about to strike the land, there had to be a certain place; all from under this died. Only one place! Now, it didn’t mean it was one house; but there was one place, that’s where the lamb was killed. Where the lamb’s blood was, the death angel could not strike, because it was the one place God had put His Name. And that lamb was named back there in the beginning, a lamb. Notice, it was the one place he could not strike.
And now the same is today. There is only one place that spiritual death cannot strike, that’s the Word. Death can’t strike the Word, because It’s the living Word of God.

How Can I Overcome? – 63-0825M

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The thing you have to overcome is yourself, your idea, your thing, and surrender yourself to Him. He overcome for you. He knows the way; we don’t.
Now look, friends. I believe they’re taping this. Whatever you do, who is listening now, or who will listen hereafter, the hour is very late, and you do have good intention, but be caught inside. Now, don’t struggle. “Not him that willeth, or him that runneth, but God.” Just let God. Just yield yourself to Him and walk on, with a perfect, satisfied faith, that, “What God has promised He is able to perform.” Not joining one denomination, another denomination, running this, that, or the other, trying this. Just yield yourself to God, and walk with Him, peaceful, quiet, not interrupted. Just keep on walking with Him. That’s right.

Why Little Bethlehem – 63-1214

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Usually when we fix up an event here on earth, we try to get it in the highest, most glittering thing that we can think of, we take it to the biggest places and spend the most money, and the most elaborate things. That’s the way we do it.
But God don’t do it that way. He takes something that’s nothing, so He can show Himself to be mighty, that He can…
We get to a place that we realize that we’re nothing, then get in God’s hands, and He can mold you and make you the way He wants you to be. But as long as we feel that we’re important, then you’ll never get nowhere. You can’t even get in the hands of God until we realize that we’re not important.

Humble Thyself! – 1963-07-14 e

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Let not that spirit ever depart from this place! If it ever does, then I don’t care how eloquent your pastor might be, how well he might bring the Word of God, the Spirit of God is grieved away. See? When we can have all things in fellowship, in common, and love one another, then God will work with us.
And we’re keeping time, that the people come by and say, “If you want to see a church that’s really humble, a church that really loves God, drop in up there at that tabernacle one time and watch them. Look at the care they have for one another, the respect; when the Gospel is being preached, how reverent, how everything is just in order.” Yes, then they can look and see what time we’re living. You’ll see the Spirit of God moving among you, great signs and wonders and things will be taking place.

He That Is In You – 63-1110E

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O Lord God, I ask Thee to be merciful to us. And may every man and woman that’s setting present, that has any kind of a sickness or affliction; and as Moses throwed hisself in the breach, for the people, tonight I lay my heart out before You, Lord. And with all the faith that I have, that’s in You, that You have given me, I give to them. As Peter said at the gate called Beautiful, “Such as I have, give I thee. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” And the man was lame and—and weak for a few moments, but, while they held him, his anklebones received strength. And he entered into the House of God, leaping, and praising and blessing God.

Hebrews, Chapter Seven #1 – 57-0915E

Your—your attitude towards Christ will make a great impression on what your children will be. Your life that you live before your family will make an impression on what your children will be. Cause, the Bible said, that, “He would visit the iniquity of the parents upon the children to the third and fourth generations.”

The Greatest Battle Ever Fought – 62-0311

When Satan walked up to Eve, and said, “You know, the fruit is pleasant,” she stopped for a moment. Oh, that’s when she made a mistake, when she stopped for a moment. Don’t stop for nothing. You’ve got the Message. Jesus lives. God is a Healer. That’s the Message. Don’t stop for nothing, no reasonings, no nothing else. But she stopped for a moment. That’s when Satan walked right into that mind. Said, “Well, it sounds reasonable.” Oh, don’t do that. Just take what God said.

Discernment Of Spirit – 60-0308

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I believe that what we see take place is gifts, and they are God-given gifts. But, we, if we do not use them in the right way that God intended them to be used, then we can do more harm with the gifts than we could if we did not have the gifts. The other night I made a statement at the pulpit, saying this, that I would rather see brotherly love existing among the church, if we didn’t have one case of healing or anything else. See, we must know what these things are for.